About Us

Our purpose with this eCommerce platform is to make available to the market the best-priced quality camlock couplings and related fittings and make it convenient to transact with us. Through our sourcing and pricing efficiencies we look to enable our customers to be in a position to offer unsurpassed value to their customers. We drive an integrated win/ win business philosophy always looking to add value to our partner businesses through the efficiencies we've secured over time.


Pacific Fittings (Pty) Ltd is an Australian company specialising in the supply of quality camlock couplings and fittings, stainless steel ball valves and homebrew fittings. We supply and distibute nationwide through efficient courier networks and AusPost.


Through associations and relationships with leading suppliers of fluid fittings to market since 2007, we bring efficiencies and value-add to our supply markets. We leverage supply chain and technical know-how to bring you the highest quality fittings at the lowest possible price. We also provide top grade technical advice should you need it.


Anybody needing a Camlock Fitting and/or Ball Valve solution in the pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, construction, water, and fuel/oil industries will be surprised that such quality products could be as well priced. Food grade industries such as dairy farms, wineries, breweries, homebrew and other general industries that rely on high grade, clean Stainless Steel Camlock Couplings, Ball Valves and related fittings will find them here.