Many engineers focus on developing new technology that makes your life easier and improves daily operations. The stainless steel ball valve is no different, as it has changed shape over the years and has also been otherwise modified to achieve the best results. These valves go inside a tube to allow fluids to travel through the tube. It works by putting a small hole in the steel ball. Wherever it is placed helps to control the functionality. The valves can stay open when the holes are facing the same direction, allowing fluid to stream through without interruption.

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Camlock fittings, also known as camlock couplings or alternatively cam and groove couplers, are an outstanding product used across industry for making secure and leak proof hose and pipe connections. Making the connection is quick and easy to undertake. A camlock coupler on a hose or pipe brings efficiency into the fluid equation and ultimately value add to the user. Leakage and wastage are reduced and ease of operation facilitated. Continue reading

Camlock couplings are a vital piece of equipment to have your pipes and hoses connect rapidly and simply. Widely used by many industries, they were developed to obtain a quick and secure connection between pipes and hoses. They can be used to connect together flexible hoses or flexible hoses to pipes. Both connection and disconnection are quick and easy to execute. No tools are required. Continue reading