Aluminium Camlocks - General Industrial, Petro-chemical and Agricultural; Stainless Steel 316 Camlocks - Food and Beverage Industry, Chemical Industry, Marine; Polypropylene Camlocks - Agricultural and Chemical Industry.

Flexibility, Speed, Safety, No tools required. Great variety of suitable applications.

AGRICULTURE Polypropylene camlock fittings are resistant to most acids and are ideal as camlock hose connectors on agricultural sprayers. Here they save time during refilling of tanks. OIL DISTRIBUTION In many countries, camlock couplings are the standard connection for hoses used in fuel delivery to service stations and domestic premises. No tools are required to make the connection. The risk of cross threading is also avoided. CLEANING Many industrial cleaning products work with hoses. Hoses with camlock fittings can easily be disconnected for storage to facilitate transport. Ease of disconnection facilitates removal in the event of a blockage occurring. PUMP CONNECTIONS Cam and groove fittings are often used at the inlet & outlet connections of pumps. An example would be a hose connect to a pump removing oil from the water’s surface in an oil spill skimming system. MILITARY Per the US military spec MIL-C-27487 (now A-A-59326), camlock couplings are widely used by NATO forces throughout the world to facilitate rapid tactical deployment. Anodised aluminium cam and groove fittings can be supplied to the full spec. PAINTS, INKS AND DYES Camlock fittings assist in the manufacture of paints, inks & dyes which requires frequent hose changes to find the correct mix. The couplings can also tolerate the collection of coatings without detriment to the seal.

Pressure ratings as well as many other specifications on our cam and groove couplings can be found on our camlock fittings specifications page.

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