Camlock Couplings

Our camlock fittings range from ½” to 6” in sizing across the different camlock fitting types. The camlock couplers are factory-made in aluminium, stainless steel 316 and polypropylene. The camlock coupling is used as a fast and convenient connection technique to connect flexible hoses to each other or a flexible hose to pipe, and just as rapidly disconnect them. We supply camlock fittings Australia wide and aim to ship same day. The ½” stainless steel 304 camlock hose connectors are also known as stainless brew fittings, commonly used in home brew set-ups.

    1. Aluminium Camlock Couplings

      Aluminium camlock fittings are the light weight, robust camlock option with excellent corrosion resistance. We aim to satisfy your aluminium camlock needs through providing the best quality for price aluminium cam and groove couplings which we despatch daily from our warehouse. All our aluminium cam and groove couplings are gravity cast for superior quality.

    1. Stainless Steel Camlock Couplings

      The stainless steel camlock fitting is the most robust and durable of the camlock fittings. The hygienic properties of the stainless steel camlock couplers make them the first choice in food and pharmaceutical processing. Stainless steel camlock fittings are also ideal for use in corrosive circumstances. Manufactured to close tolerances in 316 grade stainless steel our couplers provide a durable, low maintenance solution and often work out the least expensive long-term solution.

    1. Polypropylene Camlock Couplings

      The polypropylene camlock hose fitting is the best-priced light weight cam and groove coupling available. Ideal for use in conditions where it is constantly subject to moisture. Poly camlock fittings are extensively used throughout the chemical and agricultural sector. Made to the Mil Spec the polypropylene camlock fitting is compatible with other camlocks.

    1. Nyglass Camlock Couplings

      Nyglass Camlocks are manufactured from a combination of strong nylon and glass fibers. Also referred to a Nylon Camlocks. These are extremely lightweight couplings that provide an excellent combination of rigidity and toughness. Nyglass combines the strength of Fibreglass with the elasticity of Nylon. All our Nyglass camlocks are supplied standard with EPDM gaskets, Stainless handles and safety pins.

    1. Special Cam and Groove

      Pacific Fittings endeavour to make purchasing special cam and groove fittings a quick and easy undertaking for you. Our on-line store is optimised to provide a convenient shopping experience offering many types of cam and groove adapters including these reducer camlocks. Please contact us if there are sizes and variations we do not already have which you require. We are always willing to bring in new types and sizes. Don't hesitate to ask!

    1. Handle, Ring & Pin Assembly

      These are high quality replacement parts for the Camlock Couplings. The brass handle, ring and pin assemblies are replacements for the aluminium and polypropylene camlock fittings. Stainless steel HRP’s are replacements for the stainless steel camock couplers. Sizes range from 1/2” to 4”.

    1. Cam and Groove Gaskets

      Designed to prevent leakage whilst being subjected to varying levels of compression, gaskets are an integral part of the camlock fitting. Additional camlock gaskets can be ordered here. We supply the most frequently utilised cam and groove gasket types such as the Buna gasket, Viton gasket and EPDM gaskets.


The camlock hose fitting is the best priced of all the quick connect fittings available and widely used in Australia. This type of quick connection comprises two separate parts that couple together and are used to connect hose ends, tubes & pipes.


A male adaptor and a female coupler connect together to form a fixed connection that joins pipe or hose together. They require no tools to operate and are easy and quick to implement.

  • The male adapter is inserted into the female coupler.
  • The female coupler arms will rise slightly.
  • The female coupler arms are then closed by applying hand pressure in towards the coupler body.

The camlock fitting remains united until both arms are released in an outward motion. The cam arms can be locked in place using the safety pins that are provided. For most situations they are not necessary and are only needed when extra precautions are required.

Inside the female camlock coupling there is a gasket already recessed in place. This forms a tight seal when it connects with the male adapter.


  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Polypropylene


All Metal camlocks come with Buna-N (Nitrile) and Polypropylene Cam and groove come standard with EPDM gaskets for better resistance to acid.

  • Buna-N (Nitrile)
  • EPDM
  • Viton
  • PTFE (Teflon) special order.


For Aluminium and Stainless Steel Camlock Hose Fittings we have sizes starting from ½” all the way up to 6”. Polypropylene is offered in sizes starting from ½” all the way up to 4”. All ½” couplings are manufactured with 2 handles for better operation.


According to the Mil Spec, the camlock fitting is rated to operate at 150 psi. This may not be the case in sizes higher than 4" where operating pressures are generally lower. Please see technical specifications page for the operating pressure for each size.


British Standard Pipe Threads (BSP) are widely used in most commonwealth countries. Threads have a pitch angle of about 55 degrees. They are designed to thread onto a pipe and tighten. Hose shanks are available on the Type C and Type E for a direct fit into the hose.


  • Type A - male cam with Female BSP
  • Type B - female coupler with Male BSP
  • Type C - female coupler with hose shank
  • Type D - female coupler with Female BSP
  • Type E – male cam with hose shank
  • Type F – male cam with BSP
  • Type DC - Dust Caps (female caps)
  • Type DP - Dust Plugs (male plugs)


  • Self-Locking Arms
  • Socket Weld and Butt Weld
  • Camlocks with Flanged end connections
  • Other specialised Custom orders; please call for more information.


Pacific Fittings carries replacement Gaskets as well as replacement Cam Arms and Pins for all common sizes.


Used in almost every industry where liquids and in some cases powders are moved from one location to another. For example Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cleaning, Military and Government Bids, Fuel & Oil, Food and Beverage, Water, Paints & Dyes, Adhesives and Agriculture to mention just a few of the common markets. They are used on tubing, pipes, hose, pumps & tanks etc.


We are an Australian Business based in Queensland. We have modeled our business on our sister companies in the U.S. (Proflow Dynamics) and in the U.K (Action Seal-Tite). Cam and Groove Couplings are the most widely used quick disconnects couplings and they are also the predominant product line that we offer.  Pacific Fittings has been offering these couplings nationwide for nearly half a decade since we were established.

All our Couplers are manufactured according to the Federal Standards and military Specifications (A-A59326/MIL-C-27487). This ensures that they are compatible with all other couplers that are also made to the approved standards. This includes cams from Powell Industrial, Philmac, Irrigation Store and Valve Warehouse Australia. Our manufacturers are all ISO 9001 certified. We work hand in hand with them and can special label items in certain circumstances.


We supply a full range of camlock hose fittings, most of which we stock and distribute from our Brisbane warehouse. Special parts can be made to order and specialty parts as well as extra-large sizes (8”-12”) can be sourced from local suppliers for quicker delivery. We aim to ship the same day as the order is placed.

  • Standard
  • Premium (special order; requires a lead time)
  • Self-Locking handles (special order; requires a lead time)

All couplers are compatible with PT Coupling, Banjo Fittings and Dixon Camlocks.

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