Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Ball Valves were added to the product range to complement our Camlock Coupling lines. These are a standard product with our sizes and specifications as per the industry standard for Stainless Ball Valves. In addition to quick, quarter turn on-off operation, these valves are compact, require no lubrication and give tight sealing with low torque. A full-bore (full port) valve will provide virtually no obstruction to flow and as result pressure drop is almost negligible. Due to the simplicity of design ball valves are simple to operate and maintain. This together with durability, reliability and versatility leads to extensive industrial use wherever flow needs to be controlled.


We service clients across industries including the petrochemical and chemical, food and beverage and Water, Oil and Gas (WOG) industries. Our Stainless Ball Valves are manufactured in High Grade Stainless Steel 316. Also referred to as an SS Ball Valve or a Ball Valve Stainless Steel. Ball Valve Suppliers please call for trade pricing.


• Threaded Ball Valve (BSPT Threads)

• Blow out Proof Handle Stem

• Handle with Locking Lever

• PTFE Seals and Seats

    1. 2 Piece Ball Valves
      All our 2 Piece Stainless Ball Valves are full port, manufactured in high grade 316. Full bore 2 piece threaded ball valves allow for straight through flow. A superior performer when it comes to handling corrosive and mildly abrasive fluids.
    1. 3 Piece Ball Valves
      The 3 Piece Ball Valve is designed to be taken apart for easy cleaning. The 3 Piece Ball Valve type is used primarily in the food and beverage industry.