A ball valve is designed primarily for On/Off function, to be used wherever flow needs to be controlled.

Quick, quarter turn on-off operation with a positive stop. The valves are compact, require no lubrication and give tight sealing with low torque. A full-bore (full port) valve will provide virtually no obstruction to flow and as result pressure drop is negligible.

In the 1 piece ball valve, the body is cast/forged as one piece. The insertion of the ball will be through the end of the body. This design restricts the valve to a reduced bore. In the 2 piece design, the body is constructed in two pieces and the ball is held in position by body stud. The two piece body allows the valve to be manufactured with a larger ball making this a full bore valve. In the case of three piece construction, the body has two end pieces and one center piece. The center part of the valve containing the ball, stem & seats to be easily removed from the pipeline. This construction permits in line servicing and cleaning without disturbing the existing pipe work.

The Compact Two Piece Ball Valve specs are identical to the Standard/ Regular 2 piece ball valves. They are designed to be less bulky and hence occupy less space. Being slightly lighter than the 'regular' 2 Piece Ball Valves the pricing is somewhat sharper.

The size of the pipe thread determines the size of the valve.

Yes they are. When not full port, the ball valve is actually a little bit smaller than the pipe diameter and will limit the flow through the pipe.

All seals are PTFE.