Tri Clover Fittings

Tri Clover Fittings

Tri Clover Fittings (the original brand name) are also commonly referred to as Tri Clamp Fittings or Clover Clamps. They are a sub-set of the Sanitary Fittings group of products. These are polished fittings designed for use in conditions where a smooth finish mitigates against contamination. A Tri Clover connection provides a secure connection, is leak proof and easy to clean. They can be cleaned in place. This type of connection set up is also quick to assemble and take down. For these reasons they are used extensively in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. These Tri Clover range also include Tri Clover Ball Valves, also manufactured in high grade Stainless Steel 304. Tri-Clover are also available in Stainless Steel 316.

    1. Tri-Clamp Fittings

      There are 3 fittings that make up a Tri Clover connection - two tri clover fittings, the clover clamp itself and a gasket. These are supplied here in different sizes in SS304. Polished to a smooth finish for food grade requirements.

    1. Tri-Clover Valves

      The Tri Clover Valves are manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel to a polished finish. These are popularly used in Wineries, Dairies and the Brewing industry. Easy to install and keep clean.


To start with, it is important to note that a Tri Clamp connection set-up comprises 2 flange-end fittings fastened together with a tri clover clamp and a gasket for sealing.

      The size of the fitting is determined by measuring outside diameter (OD) of the tube/ ferrule and not the outside diameter (OD) of the flange end itself. The diameter of the flange end tends to be about ½” (15mm) wider than the OD of the pipe, so be careful here. As an example, the 2” OD of a Tri-Clover ferrule has a flange end size of 2.516”.
      Then also note the following:
      • The 1/2” and 3/4” OD fittings have the same flange end size of 1"
      • The 1” and 1 1/2” OD fittings have the same flange end size of 2"

For further clarification, please see the Tri Clamp Sizing table below:


Tube/ Ferrule Size (OD) Flange End OD Clamp size Sanitary Size ID of Tube
1/2” 0.984” 3/4" Clamp 1/2” 0.370
3/4” 0.984 3/4" Clamp 3/4” 0.620”
1” 1.984” 1 1/2" Clamp 1” 0.870”
1 1/2” 1.984” 1 1/2" Clamp 1 1/2" 1.370”
2” 2.516” 2" Clamp 2” 1.870”
2 1/2” 3.047” 2 1/2" Clamp 2 1/2" 2.370“
3” 3.579” 3" Clamp 3" 2.870”
4” 4.682” 4" Clamp 4" 3.834”
6” 6.570” 6” Clamp 6” 5.782”


Although a 1/2” and 3/4” will connect with each other as will the 1” and 1 1/2”, it is important to note that the internal diameters will differ (see Table above). It is incumbent upon the user to determine whether the mixing and matching of sizes will be suitable for their application.

The most popular Tri Clamp sizes used by breweries and in home brewing are the 1” and 1 1/2” sizes. Both have the same flange-end size and can interconnect with each other. As an example, a 1 1/2” Tri Clamp Ball valve will connect with a 1” Ferrule.